Mobile & IoT Security

X-Systems is specialized in developing ready to use Encrypted Smart Phone & IoT Security and Privacy.

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Smart phone & IoT Security

Encrypted & Secure Operating Systems

EU Designed Secure Operating System.

By using regular operating systems all your actions leave a trace in the form of data. This data is owned and accessible by the tech agencies.

As you might know, exchanging sensitive information to data collectors and intelligence services is the norm, allowing different organizations to access your sensitive information.

With the use of X-Secure OS all your data stays only yours at any given moment.

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Encrypted & Secure Smartphone

Ready-to-use & Custom-build Mil-Grade Encrypted Phones.

Smartphones are the most used devices in your life and because of that also the most vulnerable part of your infrastructure and the most common target of eavesdropping, intelligence gathering and data theft.

The ready-to-use X-Secure encrypted phones and custom-build X-Crypto encrypted phones are designed to protect you, your data and your communications against wireless, network and physical espionage and sabotage.

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Encrypted & Secure Communications

Stay better protected against espionage using encrypted communications.

Is securing sensitive information and communications vital to your organization or specific confidential projects?

X-COMMS. Encrypted communication in encrypted devices. Designed to protect your sensitive communication permanently.

Available for any organization and big-budgeted project. Choose us, when secrecy and security of communication are at utmost importance.

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User-Friendly Security & Privacy

High Security, Mil-Grade Crypto and Usability in one.

X-SYSTEMS understands Security and Privacy must be user-friendly, otherwise the solutions will not be used. Which is why we combine high security with ease of use for every application we develop.


Introducing the new X-Secure Smartphone as proof that Security can go hand in hand with Usability.

EU Funded Development: Military Encrypted Phone

The new X-Crypto 7500 Military Encrypted Smartphone is in development with co-funding from the regional funds of (ERDF) European Fund for Regional Development “Kansen Voor West II” of the European Union.


The new X-Crypto 7500 Military Encrypted Smartphone is the exceptional combination of security, safety, secrecy and usability. Built upon layers of trust, secret and hidden security measures throughout software and hardware