Mobile & IoT Security by X-SYSTEMS.
Secure endpoints (Mobile & IoT handsets) to safeguard lives. X-Systems develops high assurance Mobile & IoT (endpoint) solutions for clients such as critical infrastructures, defense and national security organizations.

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High Assurance Mobile & IoT

High assurance Mobile & IoT developments and handsets keep our world safe and secure.

In a rapid transforming technological age in which everything becomes mobile and interconnected. Infrastructures showing dependence on IoT. X-Systems comprehends the need for secure on-the-move and wireless end-to-end communications in both developments and handsets.



Securing Critical Communications

X-Systems is an expert mainly focusing on Mobile & IoT security, providing end-to-end secure communication solutions providing special developments and specialized handsets which deliver high-end interoperable security and safety solutions for the critical infrastructure sectors defense, law enforcement, emergency response, national security and other governmental organisations.

We are a trusted business partner with various government departments and agencies, and with years of experience and knowledge regarding the need of end-to-end and endpoint security, providing carefree technology which allows top-notch secure end-to-end data and human communication.


Secure Mobile & IoT solutions

A specific solution or request may be provided by an available off-the-shelf solution or may require personalized customization. X-Systems has broad experience, assisting you in every step of the way to high assurance end-to-end secure communication developments and handsets.

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