Mobile & IoT Security Solutions by X-SYSTEMS

Safeguarding your organisation is our expertise. Reliable delivery, robust security and high quality.
You can rely on X-SYSTEMS’ Mobile & IoT security solutions.
X-SYSTEMS is a Mobile & IoT Security company from the Netherlands, located in The Hague (city of Justice and Peace) and Eindhoven (city of Technology) and focusses itself entirely on end-to-end and end-point information and communication security.

Safeguarding Your Organisation

As a customer, you can rely on the extended knowledge and experience of Secure Mobile & IoT. Providing tailor made (G-/M-) Off-The-Shelf and Special Developments High Assurance products and services to safeguard your organisation.
X-SYSTEMS. Tailor-made Mobile and IoT Security.
Specialists in High Assurance securing your Mobile and IoT.

Mobile Security

X-SYSTEMS delivers protective secure mobile solutions against eavesdropping, tampering, espionage or interception to safeguard sensitive and critical information and communication of decision-makers within your organisation.
Due to extensive experience with large-scale secure connectivity projects, X-SYSTEMS has the capacity and resources to deliver large, complicated projects to safeguard – in collaboration or solitary – entire departments, organisations, municipalities or governments mobile communications and end-points.


IoT Security

X-SYSTEMS has developed an exceptional specialized expertise in high assurance critical IoT protection. Providing both real-time physical security and cyber security solutions to protect your IoT infrastructure(s).
The high demand for innovative interconnected networks and IoT in organisations come along with many possible threats and vulnerabilities. An insignificant incident can have significant repercussions and disrupt an organization, city or country. The security of IoT apparatus and networks is becoming more crucial every day. With X-SYSTEMS your modern digital interconnected world is safe.