X-Systems has a long, broad and unique know how of Mobile & IoT Security, as it is the worlds first vertically integrated Secure Mobile IoT company.

X-Systems is able to combine both hardware security, software security and application security into one secure / crypto wireless communication device. Whether it is a smartphone, terminal, tablet or other IoT device that needs critical communications security from classified till top-secret. X-Systems has the solution.


Mobile IoT Security X-Systems

X-Systems is a Dutch organization based in both Eindhoven and The Hague, at the campus of the Hague Security Delta.

In Eindhoven is situated the technology department and in The Hague the security department,making X-Systems an unique mobile and IoT security company connecting both technology and security in-house.


X-Systems has the knowledge to advise large organizations, municipalities, government, and defense departments about their existing and new mobile as well as IoT technology, privacy and security requirements.


Due to good investigation of the market developments, enterprise environments, listening to customers and monitoring of threats, X-Systems is able to design and develop innovative Secure Mobile IoT solutions which fulfill the requirements of the customers.

The knowledge and experience of these security and privacy solutions are taken into the next innovative projects, so that the X-Systems team will continuing in being the experts in the area of Mobile and IoT security.


Our philosophy focusses on high level, user-friendly security solutions whereby customers are the central point. Customer’s satisfaction and security is our top concern.

For X-Systems, special development is a second nature. Due to the flexibility of our organization it is possible to develop solutions for customer’s specific demands and to implement them in new or existing products.


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