Safe & Secure Body Cameras & Body Worn Cameras

X-Systems strongly believe personal safety and security is a very important matter in our daily lives, people should not have to live in fear.

Making users feel safe and to prevent false accusations, misconduct or violence against officers.

Increasing transparency and accountability of officers, preventing and de-escalating confrontational situations. Provides valuable evidence and speed up litigations by providing indisputable proof.




User-friendliness has been incorporated into the user experience of the body camera, while retaining all the necessary functions for a security- or law enforcement officer.
The design is very ergonomic, to ensure smooth and pleasant control of the body camera.

Designed for increasing transparency and accountability of officers and the prevention and de-escalation of confrontational situations. Helping to provide valuable evidence and speed up court proceedings by providing indisputable proof of situations.




• Body camera with secure WiFi connection
• Body camera with 3G and/or 4G connection
• Body camera with HD day- and night vision
• Body camera with (on display) GPS locations
• Body camera with 130° view angle, 1080p and 720p recording, water resistant and strong batteries

Experienced in developing and designing secure body cameras, and able to deliver a special developed body camera which connects public safety, security- and defense professionals directly to their command centres.

Years of expertise in secure 3G and 4G connections, X-Systems is able to provide encrypted data transmissions from user to command centre. Oftenly, CCTV’s range of coverage is limited due to its fixed position, resulting in an inaccurate representation of the situation. Our body cameras are mobile and lightweight, follow and view the situation from the officer’s perspective.



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