X-Systems understood the need of critical communications and body camera in one device. Why should a body camera always come with the need of additional equipment? The X-Systems body camera is an unique body camera that doubles a push-to-talk speaker / mic. So, no extra equipment needed.

We have all seen what happens when civilians record officers with their own smartphone. Too often these recordings are started too late and/or do not accurately represent what actually happened. So no reliable evidence. For law enforcement, police, emergency, railroad, customs, defense and security personnel it is a must-have to use trustworthy video evidence recordings.


As the X-Surveillance DS300 easily replaces an existing (two-way radio) push-to-talk speaker/mic.’s, which is already located on the perfect height for video recordings.

The body camera of X-Systems records the officer’s side of the event, without additional equipment.

The X-Systems body camera comes standard with a password-encrypted data storage, built-in LED flashlight, real-time GPS coordinates, and full-shift battery life. As additional to the most important “must-have” safety features; up-to 20 seconds pre-recording, instant automatic infrared recordings, and 1080p video-/ 16MP photo 32GB recordings.


Contact X-Surveillance (by X-Systems) for a demonstration of a non-provocative, civilian-friendly body camera that can be used without the need to add additional equipment to the already busy equipped uniform of an officer.

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