X-Surveillance presents DS100 – DS200 – DS300 body cameras:


DS300 – PTT-Microphone Body Cameras

Body Camera with Push-To-Talk capabilities. The DS300 Body Cameras are the world’s first body camera that replaces an existing Push-To-Talk Microphone.

The X-Surveillance DS300, is a PTT-Microphone body worn camera without the need to add additional equipment to the already equipped and congested uniform. Users can replace their existing Push-To-Talk microphone for the X-Surveillance DS300 body camera.

A side of the body worn camera functionality, the DS300 contains also a “flashlight”. Which means that a user does not need to hold a flashlight during darker situations, and gives the user the ability to use both hands free in any situation

The DS300 body worn camera has except the PTT-Microphone + Flashlight feature also other life saving features, such as; automatic 30 sec. pre-recording, infrared night vision, GPS location capabilities and more.

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DS200 – 4G Body Cameras

The DS200 body worn cameras are a high-end “4G body camera” which gives the user the possibility to stream recordings real-time over any 4G network from its current position to the control center.

When there is no 4G connection available for this 4G body camera, the connection automatically reduces to 3G. If there are WiFi hotspots available, up to 100 meters distance recorded data can be transferred also via WiFi.

All data recorded is password encrypted, and is transferred with GPS, time, date and officers data. Generating instant recorded evidence for optimal security and safety of officers on duty and recorded crowd.

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DS100 – IP67 Body Cameras

These police body cameras were the first of the X-Surveillance body worn camera products, and are the foundation for the upgraded body cameras; DS200 and DS300.

The DS100 police body camera is a waterproof, dustproof and shockproof body camera with as main features; Full-HD image capturing, infrared night vision, gyroscope sensor, ID verification and 20 seconds pre-recording. The body camera has an external UHF PTT, VHF PTT, APCO and Tetra connection. Especially built for the law enforcement, security and safety officers.

All data on the DS100 police body worn camera is password encrypted, comes with 22 megapixels (10x digital zoom) photo resolution, 1080P/25fps, 960P/25fps or 720P/60fps video recording.

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