We of X-SYSTEMS and partners focus on “Mobile / Wireless” Preventive Security.

Providing several Next-Gen technologies:

Retail Security | Public Safety | Secure Communications


X-SENSOR | Retail Security

Providing an additional layer of retail security

X-SENSOR is a disruptive and cost-saving technology, combining plug-and-play sensors with proprietary AI-technology. Designed for retailers, saving 30% on inventory shrinkage, resulting in 2.5% more profits.

Learn more about this predictive and preventive retail security solution at X-SENSOR.NET.

X-Sensor Retail Security



X-SURVEILLANCE | Public Safety

Technology for a more secure society. 

X-SURVEILLANCE is a SIGINT technology developed to save lives and securing society. Designed to identify covered sufferers, invisible persons, unrecognisable suspects and protecting physical compounds.

Combining SIGINT (cellular detection) sensors with proprietary AI-technology: X-SURVEILLANCE.COM.




If your communications need to be completely protected.

X-SYSTEMS.NET: A highly secure video conferencing platform, developed to protect sensitive conversations.

X-SYSTEMS.COM: Cyber-Physical security to deliver the highest standards of communication security.