IoT and Cyber Security Consultancy

Sharing knowledge and provide detailed advisory is part of the DNA of X-SYSTEMS. We are convinced that organizations should not only invest in technical measures but also focus on developing the knowledge and skills of their employees.

X-SYSTEMS Consultancy offers a broad range advisory and training services, ranging from single-day courses, full-week to full-year study programmes to develop talented individuals and departments into cyber security experts.

What are the most important forms of cyber crime and threats today? Which of these pose a threat to your organization? This training course provides insight into the cyber security response process and gives you a better understanding of frequently used cyber terms and definitions.

The courses are designed for employees who have to act at the management level regarding cyber security measurements or during an ICT or IoT crisis. For IT security staff, such as security officers, IT administrators, network administrators and CISOs.

We recommend you to come with one or more colleagues to get the best result out of this course.

X-SYSTEMS also provides consultancy services to prevent any cyber threats on your ICT- and IoT- network(s).

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