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The corporate governance of X-Systems B.V., has been laid down in accordance to the company’s internal regulations, policies and the Corporate Governance Code for non-listed companies.

The system of governance is divided in two tiers, the management board manages the company affairs, while the supervisory board is responsible for supervising the management board.

Both established bodies of governance shall comply to the principles of mutual confidence and good faith.


Management Board X-Systems

The management board manages company affairs independentlym, while reporting regularly to the supervisory board.

The responsibilities of of the Members of the management board are assigned their responsibilities, tasks and duties by the supervisory board, in compliance with the relevant organizational rules and company policy. Every member of the the management board is checked on their experience and competences to ensure compatibility and suitability for the position, the supervisory board takes into account their professional knowledge, work experience, management- and leadership skills.

Supervisory Board X-Systems

The supervisory board shall select, appoint and dismiss the Management Board members. The composition of the Supervisory Board is defined in the articles of association of the company X-Systems B.V., and the organization of the supervisory board’s work is defined in the Rules of Procedure for the supervisory board.

The supervisory board oversees operations of X-Systems Group established by the law regulations and the company policies of the parent company X-Systems B.V. and performs other tasks within its competence. The supervisory board focuses on the business and financial development of the X-Systems Group and the main company X-Systems B.V., on significant business affairs and achievements of the overall strategic and business directions.


Shareholders Assembly X-Systems

Shareholders assembly is the responsibility of the management board, and is held at least once annually At the assembly, Shareholders of X-Systems can directly assert their rights as they device on changes to the articles of association.


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