Encrypted Phone & Smartphone by X-Systems

Encrypted Phone & Smartphone

The security layers of Encrypted phone are designed to provide uncompromising privacy and the reassurance necessary to handle business-critical information, data and communications. Such as;

1) Encrypted hardware components, as the PCB (printed circuit board) is fully in-house developed together with various security measures: – For maximum physical data protection – Protection against side-channel-, chip-off-, brute-force-, electromagnetic-, timing-, power-monitor-, etc. attacks.
This encrypt phone is designed for ultimate security of information, data and communication protection. The Cryptophone also provides various product-levels of security on choice of their clients.

2) Smartphone housing, as the housing isn’t only making the smartphone look fancy and luxurious, it is also containing prominent safety measures. Offering maximum flexibility, productivity and security by using these encrypted phones.
For privacy reasons the following components of the Cryptophone can be disabled on hardware-/ drivers level like the front-camera. Against acoustic-attacks the microphone can be turned-off, and against top-level hacking the ambient light sensors may also be disabled. Still the Cryptophone is very comfortable to use.

Every Encrypted phone of X-Systems has the highest phone “Phone Encryption”!

Phone Encryption within an Encrypted Phone

Encrypted Phone & Phone Encryption

3) Encrypted techniques, which are developed for utmost protection of all information, data, communications on the Encrypted phone. With phone encryption layers located throughout the smartphone enabling maximum security of data.
By using 256- and hybrid; secure phone encryption, bootloader phone encryption, X-Crypt phone encryption (secured users-partition), and Crypt-OS phone encryption.
This encrypted smartphone is the world’s first secure smartphone which uses hybrid cryptography by using two or more algorithms at one encrypted security layer. Each organization receives its own algorithm for ultimate security of the cryptography and data protection.

4) Data- and communication encryption, the Encrypted phone goes further by providing in-house developed applications for its clients.
Additional X-Systems offers end-to-end encrypted data-transfer and communication applications, manageable via any MDM; X-Storage, X-Mail, X-Messenger, and X-VPN, to provide an unparalleled modularity and integration with (other) communication ecosystems based on high end-to-end security.

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