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At X-Systems, we need everybody to have entry to access secure specialized gadgets that are as simple and solid to use as making a typical telephone call or sending an ordinary instant message.
Over the previous year, we’ve been attempting to bring the security programming we’ve produced for Android to the Windows, and today we’re deciding to discharging Signal – free, around the world, encrypted voice calls for Windows, and completely good with Red Phone for Android.

High Privacy, Low Friction!


Secured Applications

Signal utilizes your current number, doesn’t require a secret key, and use security saving contact revelation to promptly show which of your contacts are reachable with Signal. In the engine, it utilizes ZRTP, an all-around tried convention for secure voice correspondence.

Signal was outlined particularly for smartphones, utilizing a jitter cradle tuned to the attributes of versatile systems, and utilizing push notices to save battery life while as yet staying responsive. Flag is additionally Free and Open Source Software, permitting anybody to review the code for accuracy or help contribute changes. Secure Calls Are Just The Beginning.

Signal will be a bound together private voice and content correspondence stage for Windows, Android, and the program. Later this late spring, Signal for Windows will be extended to bolster content correspondence good with Text Secure for Android. Not long after, both Text Secure and Red Phone for Android will be joined into a brought together Signal application on Android also. All the while, program expansion advancement is


Signal is free, Try it out!

X-Systems is specialized in Secure Mobile IoT solutions. Providing “Mobile Security Software”- and “Mobile Security Device” solutions for Enterprises, Governments and NGO’s. Available Secure Mobile IoT products; Tablet Security, Smartphone Security and Body Camera Security.

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