X-Systems develops high-end secure and encrypted military-grade mobile IoT devices.

X-Systems develops high-end secure and encrypted military-grade mobile IoT devices. Developed for enterprise professionals, board of directors, decision-makers and officials in governments, defense authorities and critical functions of society, municipalities, police, customs, coast guard, emergency users and VIP individual users.
X-Systems has the following GOTS Security Devices available;

• Crypto Smartphones
• Secure Terminals



Encrypted Smartphones Security

Providing (encrypted) secure and crypto smartphones which have been designed to mitigate risk during high-risk situations.

The secure and crypto smartphones of X-Systems are provided with the X-Secure OS and X-Crypto OS, featuring hardware security features, physical security layers, security configurations and critical communications. In addition, other secure and crypto functionalities also included and customizable.

Through these embedded hardware security solutions, software policy configurations and physical modularity X-Systems encrypted smartphones are robust, trustworthy, secure, flexible and customizable than any other B2B and B2G smartphone.




Encrypted Tablets Security

The encrypted IoT Terminals by X-Systems are embedded on hardware and software levels for enhanced security and privacy. The X-Secure OS is designed with the focus on the following core benefits: Security, Cryptography, Modularity and Productivity.

IoT Terminals by X-Systems are developed to manage critical industrial and infrastructures, wireless Over-The-Air, preventing the influence of actions by external malicious factors such as malware, spyware or third parties via backdoors.

These IoT Terminals go beyond the highest grade of security for mobile and IoT devices.