X-Systems designs and develops highly secure and encrypted mil-grade mobile and IoT devices, developed for enterprise professionals, board of directors, decision-makers and officials in governments, defense authorities and critical functions of society, county councils, police, customs, coast guard, emergency users and VIP individual users.

X-Systems has the following GOTS Security Devices available;
• Crypto Smartphones
• Secure Terminals
• Secure BodyCams


Encrypted Smartphones Security

Providing (encrypted) secure and crypto smartphones which have been designed for secure high-risk situations.

The secure and crypto smartphones of X-Systems come with X-Secure OS and X-Crypto OS, including hardware security features, physical security layers, security configurations, critical communications, and other secure and crypto functionalities are included.

Through these embedded hardware security solutions, software policy configurations and physical modularity X-Systems encrypted smartphones are more trusted, secure, flexible and private than any other B2B and B2G smartphone.

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Encrypted Tablets Security

The encrypted IoT Terminals by X-Systems are both upon hardware and software layer more secure and private. The X-Secure OS for IoT Terminals are designed in combination of security, cryptography, modularity and productivity.

IoT Terminals by X-Systems are developed to manage critical industrial and infrastructure systems, wireless Over-The-Air, without the possibility of actions being influenced by potential malware, spyware or third parties via backdoors.

These IoT Terminals go beyond the highest grade of security for mobile and IoT devices. Truly developed to communicate 100% securily with other IoT and M2M systems.

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Encrypted BodyCameras Security

For law enforcement, police, emergency, defense, and security professionals secure body cameras are an important commodity, and are needed to perform their duties and provide evidence recordings from hazardous and dangerous situations.

The secure Body Cameras of X-Systems come with an unique Push-To-Talk Speaker / Mic. connection for both evidence recordings and critical communications in one device.

With the body cameras of X-Systems, organizations, departments and companies can now record the wearers side of the events and thereby offering more safety and protection to the wearer.

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