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Secure & Encrypted Smartphone Security & Phone Security

Due the many years of experience within mobile security sector, for X-Systems it is possible to develop customized secure smartphones for client specific requests.

X-Systems has experience in special developments of secure and encrypted smartphones and fully confidential to client’s requests.

A side of special developments, X-Systems also offers encrypted and secure smartphones for B2B and B2G organizations for whom privacy and security is a must have.

A side of special developments, X-Systems secure smartphones are powered by the 256-AES encrypted X-Systems OS operating system, including secure X-Systems applications.

The X-Systems secure and encrypted smartphones have up to three layers of security to operate each of the X-Systems secure applications, which are designed upon layers of trust and AES encryptions. With as goal, reducing any risk of mission compromise due to data loss.


Productive Smartphone Security

Secure smartphones of X-Systems are the most flexible and productive in combination with mobile security. The combination of X-Systems OS Operating System and X-Systems’s secure applications – which can be selected as separate modules – are the foundation for your mobile professionals at your organization.

The X-Systems secure solutions are each built upon layers of security protocols and cryptography. For more information of the X-Systems applications within the secure smartphones, please visit Secure IoT Solutions page.


Three-way Encrypted Smartphones

The secure smartphones of X-Systems are available with three-way authentication to get access to the smartphone, application, an intranet, private network, etc.

One-way factor authentication is “something a user knows”, for instance a password.

One-way factor authentication is – in addition to the first-way factor – “something a user has”, for instance a smartphone in users their hand.

Three-way factor authentication is – in addition to the first- and second-way factor – “something a user is”, for instance a fingerprint.

Each of these three-way factors can be implemented in the secure smartphones of X-Systems.


Maximum Encrypted Smartphones

The strength of X-Systems is the flexibility customizations and special developments can be done. Providing high security and privacy in combination with usability and flexibility.



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