Encrypted Smartphone by X-Systems

military-grade encrypted smartphone

The encrypted smartphone “X-Tel 9000” is designed for ultimate security and privacy, for the users to whom security is not an option, but more than important. This “encrypted smartphone” is a military grade security smartphone developed for C-Level, Governmental and NGO customers where wireless data- and communication security is more than a must-have. It I a real must nowadays.

The crypto X-Tel 9000 smartphone goes further, offering more features than any other military grade secure-/ encrypted smartphone. It has developed its own PCB (printed circuit board) with various hardware security measures on the board; like chip-off protection, chip-to-chip encryption, brute-force safety, hybrid chip-set potting, and more. Providing more than a triple layered security.

X-Systems cryptophone’s security is powered by the X-Systems encrypted architecture, which is designed from the outset of the mobile environment. Built upon three layers of trust and security enabling maximum security of data and communication. Every layer contains a hybrid configurable encryption for high and max security in any configuration and environment.

High Security Encrypted Smartphones

military encrypted smartphones

Security is not a new item for the mobile market, but with the encrypted smartphone X-Systems want to take the term security to a far more higher level. X-Systems is aware of the fact that mobile hacking isn’t only done via wireless channels, and is carried out via M-2-M, spyware- or malware- attacks.
Real mobile hacking is done on a much higher advanced and therefor dangerous level. Using various intelligence collection techniques by applying tracking the whereabouts, obtaining communications, side-channel attacks, steganography and so on.

Why would you want an encrypted crypto smartphone? It is not if you want it, it is if you need it.
X-Systems understands that mobile hacking isn’t only done via wireless channels and are carried out via man-in-the-middle-, spyware- or malware- attacks.
If you value your personal or organizational privacy and security, you’re better choose the most innovative and most secure solution to protect your information, data and communication at any time, configuration and environment.

Designed and developed for decision makers, officials and celebrities to whom privacy and security is a must.

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