X-Systems Tablet Security

Secure & Encrypted Tablet Security

To prevent interception, malicious issues, security threats, network threats, web-based threats or application based threats such as malware, spyware, vulnerable applications or privacy threats that may undermine the safety and privacy of an organization using tablets.

X-Systems has designed secure tablets that are protected against these threats and other physical threats.

Like any mobile device a tablet is also vulnerable to all types of mobile threats.

And there are many like the ones listed above but we can even go further, such as phishing scams, drive-by downloads, browser exploits and of course the most prevalent of mobile threats, lost or stolen tablets.

Special Development Tablet Security

X-Systems levered more than 10 years of combined mobile security experience, due this for X-Systems it is possible to develop customized secure tablets for client specific requests. X-Systems has many experience in confidential and special developments of encrypted tablets.

For B2B and B2G organizations who are in a direct need of a secure tablet, X-Systems has a durable tablet available with its secure X-Systems OS Operating System. Which is available with 3G and GPS connection.


Available Encrypted Tablets

The X-Systems secure tablet is a durable tablet built for all-weather, multi-function professional use. The secure tablet comes with a user-friendly hand strap, 8 GB SSD + extended encrypted memory, Cortex A7 Quad Core, with 7 inch 1024×600 IPS, 11000MAh lithium battery and fully waterproof and durable.

The available secure tablet of X-Systems is compact and has a complete durable design, and is developed for tough and rough use for law enforcements, defense, public safety, security and facility management, defense, agriculture, transportation and so on.

Designed for software and hardware reliability, security, safety and data protection.


Secure Encrypted Communication & Data

The secure tablets of X-Systems come with the highest encryption state possible, with multiple 256-AES cryptographic layers and partitions. X-Systems is unique regarding secure tablets, because it is a total security and safety solution. It consists of four components; Privacy, Security, Safety and Protection.

The applications for X-Systems’s secure tablets are each built upon layers of security protocols and cryptography. For more information of the X-Systems applications for secure tablets, please visit Secure IoT Solutions page.


High End Tablet Security

Organizations demand trusted and secure tablets to accomplish certain missions. Available and special development X-Systems tablets are built upon layers of trust, with up to three layers of encryption.

Despite of continuous innovation in commercial and business (semi-encrypted) mobile technology which are implemented in tablets, current tablets are not designed to match evolving organizational environments for law enforcements, defense, public safety, security and facility management, defense, etcetera. This is where X-Systems comes in with special developments of a B2B or B2G secure tablet.


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