Secure & Encrypted Tablet Security

X-Systems proudly presents a secure robust, ruggedized and waterproof tablet; X-TAB.

The X-TAB is a durable tablet, built for all-weather and multi-functional use. The secure tablet comes with a user-friendly hand strap, encrypted operating system, safety functions and security features.

This fully ruggedized tablet is IP67 certified dust, water, vibration and impact resistant.
Able to adapt and operate in extremely low or high temperatures.

Designed for various working conditions, (hostile) environments and sectors such as; emergency services, hopsitals / healthcare, utility services, transportation and military / defense.





Special customizable developments regarding (Ruggedized) Tablet Security is possible.
With more than 10 years of mobile security experience, X-Systems develops customized secure and crypto tablets and phablets on specific requests from clients.
Our secure solutions are built upon layers of security protocols and cryptographic algorithms.


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