Industrial Encrypted Tablet

Industrial Encrypted Tablet

This industrial tablet from X-Systems has a rugged and waterproof housing especially designed to survive on all kinds of circumstances you may come across.
Whether you’re in the middle of an industrial terrain, the middle of a building site, ended up in a desert, open waters, farming or in an indoor warehouse, these industrial encrypted tablets are designed and built for any type of usage and helps you to navigate and work in precision.

1) The secure industrial tablet, has an aluminum alloy internal frame and 1.2mm highly scratch resistant tempered glass touch screen.
You can be sure this Industrial Encrypted tablet named the X-Tab will withstand the toughest environments and the most extreme conditions.
It’s built to industrial grade IP67 ratings. The encrypted tablet has a very powerful long life battery of 11.000mAh. The secure industrial tablet also comes with a practical hand-strap, ideally for work-related tasks.

2) Industrial tablet housing. As the housing isn’t only to make the industrial tablet look fancy and luxurious it is also containing prominent safety measures, for maximum flexibility, productivity and security when using the encrypted tablet. For privacy reasons the following components on the Encrypted tablets can be disabled on hardware-/ drivers level like front-camera, against acoustic-attacks the microphone can be turned-off, and against top-level hacking the ambient light sensors may also be disabled. Yet the Encrypted tablets is very comfortable to use, still being very secure.

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Industrial Secure Tablet

Secure Industrial & Encrypted Tablets

3) Tablet security techniques, which is developed for the utmost protection of all information and data communications on the Industrial Encrypted tablet.
With phone encryption layers located throughout the industrial tablet enabling maximum security of data, by using 256- and hybrid; secure phone encryption, bootloader phone encryption, X-Crypt phone encryption (secured users-partition), and Crypt-OS phone encryption.
The Encrypted tablets of X-Systems are the world’s first secure industrial tablets which uses hybrid cryptography by using two or more algorithms at one encrypted security layer.
Of course, each organization, – as a client -,receives its own algorithm for ultimate security of the cryptography and data protection.

4) Tablet- and communication cryptography. The Encrypted tablets are offering more features thanks to the providing of in-house developed applications.
Additional X-Systems offers end-to-end encrypted data-transfer and communication applications, manageable via any MDM; X-Storage, X-Mail, X-Messenger, and X-VPN. X-Systems provides an unparalleled modularity and integration with (other) communication ecosystems based on high end-to-end security.

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