X-Device – Privacy of the Internet of Things

Internet of Things Privacy

X-Device is an Internet of Things Privacy + IoT Privacy application that is designed for ultimate privacy of its users.

The privacy application of X-Device makes it possible to manage and obtain full control over an Internet of Things device concerning privacy. All functionalities within Internet of Things Privacy + IoT Privacy devices which normally preserves the possibility of privacy infringement of the user – can be controlled with the X-Device and can be turned on or off at any time.

The X-Device is linked to the software drivers which establishes a connection between the hardware components and the operating system of the Internet of Things (IoT) Privacy device.
Users are priviledged to Monitoring and managing the drivers, allowing them to be switched on or off at any moment at will. With the use of X-Device, each hardware component of an Internet of Things Privacy device can be enabled or disabled through the drivers.

Privacy Program for the Internet of Things

OTA Internet of Things Privacy

Privacy for the Internet of Things

In addition to a local application on the Internet of Things device, X-Device establishes a connection with several MDM’s (Mobile Device Management) vendors which allows OTA (Over-The-Air, wireless) to enable or disable certain functions on an Internet of Things (IoT) device.

For organizations, this is an important feature to take into consideration, in particular for Research & Development, Financial and Management departments in which protection and shielding against industrial espionage and sabotage business is a must-have.

Through a MDM (Mobile Device Management), it is possible to disable certain hardware components with: WiFi, Bluetooth or IMSI (NFC).
For instance:
* When entering a department the cameras are switched off automatically.
* For a meeting the microphone is turned off.
* When visiting a secret location, the GPS functions, IMSI, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. is turned off.
* Etc, etc, the choice is unlimited.

It is possible to have this preset into the configuration of your device before deployment.

X-Device provides full mobile privacy protection and security within the deepest layers of an Internet of Things (IoT) device.

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