IoT (Internet of Things) Security

Internet of Things Security

X-Crypt is an IoT AES encrypted partition security solution within a mobile device. This partition is an encrypted area in which an authorized user can install and utilize mobile applications on an IoT device.

Without authorized login credentials, individuals are not permitted to display or utilize the contents in the AES encryption secure partition.

In this way, the applications and programs are not only “incognito”, it also simulates total non-existence of the corresponding applications and programs.

Best Security for IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT & Internet of Things Security

Industrial Secured Tablet

After logging in, loading time for the secure partition is thirty seconds before the user can view and utilize the mobile and IoT applications. The applications can only be utilized as long as X-Crypt is active.

The applications remain protected at all times against any intrusions or malware on the mobile device, as all applications are in a completely separated locked secure partition.

Closing X-Crypt, will completely shut down the secure partition and activates its encryption, to ensure the optimal protection of programs and applications.

X-Crypt is the ultimate Internet of Things Security solution.

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