Internet of Things Encryption

Internet of Things Encryption

IoT devices are often targets of crash and flood attacks with the aim of disrupting the configuration information, distorting components, and to take complete control of the communication tools maintained with the supplier and/or other IoT devices.

X-Crypt is a 256- to 512-bit AES IoT encryption secure partition within the IoT device.

This encrypted partition shields specific applications and programs within the IoT device.

Applications contained in the 512-AES encryption secure partition will be visible only to authorized (internal or external) individuals.
External connections will be protected by a TLS / SSL connection in combination with X-Tunnel. This solution provides access to secure VPN tunnels covered with a 256-AES security encryption.

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IoT Encryption

Unauthorized individuals cannot view the contents stored within the 256- or 512-bit AES encrypted partition, the applications cannot be displayed nor be utilized without logging in with authorized credentials.

Delivering manageable IoT encryption solutions to your devices.

512-AES encryption automatically activates whenever an user logs out out of X-Crypt and exits the partition.

X-Crypt cannot be separated from the IoT device, and is installed at the kernel level of the IoT device and utilizes a preconfigured algorithm which connects the 256- or 512-AES encrypted protected partition to the IoT device.

When the encrypted IoT device or X-Crypt becomes separated from each other, X-Crypt will encrypt all data permanently with a double hybrid encryption algorithm and subsequently remove all data to withstand chip-off or brute-force attacks. Delivering optimum IoT Encryption to your environment & IoT Security.

X-Crypt for optimal IoT protection.

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