X-Device – IoT & Mobile Privacy

X-Device IoT Mobile Privacy

X-Device is a mobile privacy application that is designed for ultimate privacy of its users.

The privacy application of X-Device makes it possible to obtain full control over a mobile device concerning privacy. All functionality within a mobile device – which normally could be infringe on the privacy of the user – can be controlled with X-Device and turned on or off.

Since X-Device is linked to the software drivers that establishes a connection between the hardware components and the operating system of the mobile device, X-Device can monitor and manage the drivers, allowing them to be switched on or off at the moment the user’s desire.

X-Device the ultimate IoT & Mobile Privacy




Ultimate IoT & Mobile Privacy

X-Device Mobile IoT Privacy

X-Device is the ultimate privacy application because each hardware component of a mobile device can be enabled or disabled, via the drivers, if desired.

For example, the following features can be enabled or disabled on a mobile device :
• Enable or disable: Front camera
• Enable or disable: Rear camera
• Enable or disable: Front- and rear camera
• Enable or disable: IMSI, mobile SIM-connection
• Enable or disable: WiFi, mobile data connection
• Enable or disable: GPS, satellite positioning
• Enable or disable: Screen sensors
• Enable or disable: USB-Connection
• Enable or disable: AUX-Connection
• Enable or disable: Bluetooth and NFC
• Enable or disable: Google App Store
• Enable or disable: Microphone
• Enable or disable: Speaker

Of course, these functions can be customized to the needs of the customer.

To use “OTA Mobile Privacy” X-Device offers the option Over-The-Air (wireless) to manage the functions of a mobile device. Thus, it is possible to do this via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or IMSI (NFC). However, these functions cannot be managed by the user. For this it is the need to use Mobile Device Management Protocols.

Mobile & IoT Privacy via X-Device

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