IoT and ICT Reporting & Monitoring

Receive monthly or weekly reports of the essential IoT and ICT updates and vulnerabilities found.


More and more IoT devices are connected to the ICT network, unfortunately these IoT devices are not always well secured, so your IT systems are vulnerable to cyber attackers.

With the X-SECURE IoT solution from X-SECURE, your ICT architecture is preventively protected with simple advice, tools, handles and reports. The focus is: Achieve maximum IoT performance with minimal risks.

Failure of equipment such as IoT and ICT systems involves many risks, therefore X-SECURE offers an excellent IoT Assurance support with telephone and online advice. Like, which (AVG-compliant) IoT systems meet your future-proof digitization needs. No substantial investments, expensive maintenance costs and / or unnecessary risks, but clear (brand-independent) advice.

X-SECURE IoT Reporting ensures that your organization receives weekly or monthly reports reporting physical, software, vulnerabilities and updates of IoT equipment and networks. This way you will be preventively protected.

X-SECURE IoT Reporting contributes to the resilience of your organization for improvement of a secure and stable flow of information and information.

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