X-Systems offers the possibility to enterprises, organizations and governments to develop their own crypto smartphones, encrypted mobile devices and secure IoT devices, protecting and safeguarding all information which requires trust and expertise. X-Systems provides both hardware- and software security solutions.

X-Systems has experience in the following IoT security fields;
• IoT Software Security
• IoT Hardware Security
• IoT Chipset Security
• IoT PCB Security


Secure IoT & IoT Security Developments

IoT Special Developments with X-Systems

X-Systems makes every mobile- and IoT device more secure than ever before, thanks to many years of experience in the mobile- and IoT security and privacy sector.

X-Systems develops in-house special security solutions for enterprises, organizations and governments based upon exisiting Mobile and IoT solutions. If desired X-Systems is also able to develop special security solutions entirely upon the requests of client.

Due to the flexibility of the X-Systems organization it is possible to design and develop solutions for customer specific requests and to implement in new or existing products.

X-Systems is experienced in designing, developing and manufacturing PCB, device, data, and communication security and privacy solutions from scratch.

Whether the client requests crypto smartphones, encrypted mobile devices, secure IoT devices or the chipset security of (new or existing) PCB of an IoT device X-Systems can provide this.

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