X-Systems is the world’s first vertically integrated Mobile & IoT Security company. From the stages of brainstorming, design, development, fabrication up to the integration, X-Systems is guiding its clients for delivering complete secure critical communication solutions tailored for their organizations.

Providing Mobile Security and IoT Security solutions to organizations in which secure wireless (data) communications are mandatory.

Data and information stored on computers is increasingly transferred over to storages on mobile- and IoT devices for providing multi-platform access and the sake of convenience. E-mails, organizational information, financial data, personal identities, classified notes and the location of the user are oftenly shared within the boundaries of an organization.



Internet of Things / IoT Security

IoT (Internet of Things) become more and more important in our daily lives, but unfortunately, IoT is also not fully protected against malicious threats such as cyber criminals. However, X-Systems delivers and protects optimum high-end protection and shielding against malicious threats.

X-Systems introduces the following IoT secure software solutions, embracing these core product values for all of our solutions: Secure, private, encrypted, practical and user-friendly;




X-Secure OS




        IoT Security by X-Systems

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