Mail PGP Encryption for Android Devices

Mail PGP Encryption

In comparisation of X-Mail’s secure mail & pgp encryption program. The big problem of email is that it was designed as an open communication system, in which the factors like easiness, accessibility, and speed were of no importance. The sending of confidential information had a lesser priority.

The problems that comes with it for organizations, and the ability to ensure integrity, authenticity and confidentiality are all three to solve with a secure email application that uses PGP encryption.

With PGP encryption senders and receivers can send encrypted messages to each other by PGP mail.
The content is unreadable to anyone except for the sender and the recipient. Also the PGP-Mail encryption, in combination with X-Mail functionality, ensures that files can be checked and that the sender is correct, and as well as the fact that the content on the move has not been modified or attacked.

Mail PGP Encryption Android Mail Program

Mail PGP Encryption Program for Android

Secure Mail PGP Encryption

The main objectives of the development of X-mail, the secure email application, are:

• Protection against malware, ransomware, industrial espionage and other malicious software which can be sent by email.
• Preventing email attachments with malicious software can wreak havoc within corporate networks and operating systems, for example by deleting and dissemination of sensitive information. In very severe cases, the user can even lose total control over several or even all devices on the network.
• Encrypting mutual email messages to protect against Man-In-The-Middle-, corporate espionage -, and other targeted business attacks.
• Prevention that messages and information between two communicating parties are being intercepted without both party having any knowledge about it. Herby the unit of the attacker is located between the two communicating parties. Therefore, the messages can possible be read, changed and influenced. With the use of PGP encryption within PGP mail this is not possible.

X-Mail is the ultimate Mail & PGP Encryption program for Android

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