X-Crypto Military Smartphone

X-CRYPTO 7500 “Military Crypto Smartphone” especially developed for Defense, Military, Naval and Law-Enforcement.

The ultimate crypto military smartphone designed to secure and critical communications.

Crypto Military Smartphone | X-Crypto 7500

The X-CRYPTO 7500 is a military grade smartphone through all layers throughout the smartphone. Developed for the toughest missions and for the most hostile environment usage, but still easy to use in any type of situation.

Despite commercial innovations, these commercial devices are disqualified for the professionals that handle sensitive and/or classified information.

For defense and law enforcement authorities, secure communications, sharing intelligence and transfer information securely fast may save lives, and may not be underestimated.

X-CRYPTO 7500 | Safety & Security First!



X-Crypto Military Smartphon

The X-CRYPTO 7500 military grade smartphone offers the exceptional combination of security, safety, usability, and stability for their users.

Containing on both hardware- and software through the entire smartphone; the highest security, safety and cryptography levels to safeguard sensitive or classified data, information and intel protection.

The X-CRYPTO 7500 military smartphone is designed to make it easy for the user to establish and maintain end-to-end encrypted communications without risk of eavesdropping, steganography and cyber espionage. With the X-Crypto 7500 users can worry-free communicate with colleagues from their own company, platoon, department or national security domain.

The X-CRYPTO 7500 military smartphone is developed upon layers of trust, dedicated hardware foundation and custom-built encrypted architecture, supporting current and future high-level security needs for end-to-end secure mil-grade communications.

Optimum level of security and safety is mandatory!


X-Crypto Military Smartphon

This entirely intrinsically safe IP68 Mil-Std 810g smartphone the X-Crypto 7500 comes with safety features within the ergonomic housing including; physical device (answer, reject, custom, SOS emergency) buttons for gloves-friendly use, a beltstrap, flashlight, waterproof speaker, extended battery, and more.

The smartphone is made upon a total durable and ruggedized construction, with a tactical multi-purposes ergonomic design to be water, dust, shock, drop, vibration and pressure resistant.

For hardware and components security the X-CRYPTO 7500 has the protection to identify if there was an attempted disassembly, the smartphone is sealed with epoxy around the housing and screws within the housing. And comes optional with a trigger function to inoperable all the hardware in this extreme military smartphone.

Designed upon military grade safety!


X-Crypto Military Smartphon

The X-CRYPTO 7500 software- and hardware protection has been designed to resist attacks from any source, is forensically proven safe and can resist to the current methods of (physical) data-extraction, phishing and cyber espionage.

Developed to protect against; interceptions, eavesdropping, stenography, espionage, exploits, hacking, tampering, malware, brute-force attacks, side-channel attacks, chip-off attacks, and so on.

Designed to make it easy for the user to establish and maintain end-to-end encrypted communications without the risk of eavesdropping, steganography and cyber espionage.

Built for data security, encrypted interoperability, communication- and data protection.

Security may be a matter of life or death!


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