Crypto & Secure Military Smartphone Security
X-Systems has developed the X-CRYPTO 7500 tailored for Defense / Military / Naval use.
Providing high-end secure critical communications.

Crypto Military Smartphone | X-Crypto 7500

The X-CRYPTO 7500 has been developed to ensure the provision of connectivity, mobility and usability to ground troops and specialists handling high-level classified information.

Tailored for defense departments, government authorities, secure communications, sharing intelligence and transfer information securely in a quick and responsible manner, may prevent the loss of lives and the risks should not be underestimated. Safety & Security First!


The X-CRYPTO 7500 is available to provide several various layers of security, from encrypted communications, such as; phone calls, instant messaging, locations sharing and antenna connections, up to a comprehensive security level in which all smartphone functions are disabled and removed on both hardware and software levels.