Mobile Data Encryption Program X-Storage

Mobile Data Encryption

X-Storage understands that not only files are stored on mobile devices, even though this is the future in the coming years in which a mobile device will perform with more functionality than just communicate.

A mobile device will be just as strong and fast as an average laptop and / or computer. That’s the reason why mobile devices need mobile data encryption.
For users who are using files, store and share on other devices such as laptops and personal computers X-Storage also has a “Desktop Version” of Data Encryption.

X-Storage Mobile Data Encryption

Mobile File & Data Encryption

Mobile Data Encryption X-Storage

The desktop version of X-Storage is also a 256-AES encrypted secure data storage program which operates on either: Windows laptops, computers and tablets + iOS laptops, computers and tablets.
In short, X-Storage 256-AES encrypted secure data storage program can be used both on the most used mobile and desktop devices.

X-Storage is on a very user friendly way designed for professionals who want securely store and share files with colleagues and elsewhere with a constant 256-AES encrypted security.

X-Storage: optimum security of data storage and data transfer.

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