Mobile Data Protection Program X-Storage

Mobile Data Protection

For optimal information and data protection X-Storage also provides the ability to encrypt separate files with password encryption. Here the user can select a file to export and, before applying the export of this file, to AES encrypt it with a password.

Subsequently, the user can specify a location to store the AES-encrypted file, and share it from there with other users. So the exported AES encrypted file can be shared to other users via e-mail services, messaging services, cloud services, upload services, etc.
Therewith is an (exported) AES encrypted file on the go completely protected against Man-In-The-Middle attacks-, brute-FORCE, and targeted business attacks, until the time that the file has arrived at the receiving X-Storage user.

Encrypted Mobile Data Protection

Mobile File & Data Protection

Mobile Data Protection X-Storage

The receiving X-Storage user can then import the AES encrypted file within the X-Storage secure data storage program, and enter the password that has been set by the sender of the file beforehand.
Only after entering the correct designated password by the receiver the file can be opened and viewed within the 256-AES encrypted secure data storage program.

X-Storage: For optimum local data security and data transfers.

X-Storage the ultimate Mobile Data security Program

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