Mobile Data Security Program X-Storage

Mobile Data Security

X-Storage is a 256-AES encrypted secure data storage program, in which all types of protected files and can be stored encrypted. The program itself is also encrypted, making X-Storage a double AES encrypted encoded data storage program.

The 256-AES encrypted secure data storage program gives the user the ability to import all types of files and subsequently to secure with 256-AES encryption, and merely (again) to view the data after the program previously allows access.
Of course, only after the user has logged in with a login name and password, after which the secure data storage program opens.

Encrypted Mobile Data Security

Security for Mobile Data

Mobile Data Security X-Storage

The X-Storage, a highly secure mobile data program. When the user is not logged in within the 256-AES encrypted secure data storage program, the files that are stored inside X-storage cannot be invoked and / or displayed.
So all files are not only invisible, but also fully encrypted and nothing or nobody gets access to these files until the user (with authentication) previously has granted.

At the time the user makes the action to log in into X-Storage, the 256-AES encrypted data storage program is starting and the files can be opened and viewed. It is also possible to install a folder structure and / or changes names by entering inside the secure data storage program. This enhances the simplicity and convenience within the data storage program.

X-Storage the ultimate Mobile Data security Program

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