Mobile Data Security Program X-Storage

Mobile Data Security

X-Storage is a 256-AES encrypted secure data storage program, in which all types of files can be stored with an encryption. X-Storage is also encrypted, making it a double AES encrypted data storage application.

The 256-AES encrypted secure data storage program enables the user to import all types of files and subsequently secure them with a 256-AES encryption. The data is only accessible through logging in with the authorized credentials

Encrypted Mobile Data Security

Security for Mobile Data

Mobile Data Security X-Storage

The X-Storage, a highly secure mobile data program.
Unauthorized individuals do not gain access to the files, but also are not aware of their existence due to the files being invisible. Only individuals with the correct login credentials have full access and the privilege to view all content within X-Storage.

X-Storage supports directory structures, giving the user the choice to construct their file directory structure. Furthermore, the user retains the privilege to change file and directory names within X-Storage. This enhances the user experience, and retains a lot of the functionalities which users are accustomed to.

X-Storage the ultimate Mobile Data security Program

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