IoT & Mobile Encryption & Security

Mobile Encryption & Security

X-Crypt is a combination of a mobile and an IoT device, to supply mobile encryption & mobile security to a mobile device, as well as a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Therefore X-Crypt cannot be separated from the mobile device, since the device makes use of a predetermined algorithm which connect the 512-AES encryption secure partition to the mobile device.
When detached from each other, X-Crypt will encrypt all data permanently with a double hybrid encryption and subsequently remove all data to withstand chip-off or brute-force attacks, this to optimize the mobile security thanks to mobile encryption.

Best Encryption & Security for Mobile Devices

Banking Level Security & Encryption

Mobile Security & Encryption

In terms of security X-Crypt is using a two-factor authentication and “bank level” security protocol with 512-AES encryption combined with various cryptographic hash functions.
It is also possible to provide a three-factor authentication for optimal mobile protection, in combination with a fingerprint or other bio-metric characteristic. Mobile security on the highest level.

This makes X-Crypt the perfect solution for the security of trusted (internal business) applications and programs against industrial espionage, malware, ransomware and targeted corporate attacks.

X-Crypt, the solution for optimal mobile protection and mobile security.

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