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Secure Education Mobile IoT SecurityEducation:

Cooperating with teachers and students to improve their smart educational environment, we provide a wide range of educational products and services.

The X-Systems terminals are currently utilized for several things such as: student authentication and verification, data collection, laboratory communication, security, emergency communications, operations and logistics.

Our education terminals provides situational analysis to users. Our terminals are specially designed for educational purposes, allowing students and teachers to work efficiently. Stable communication channels of excellent quality are the basic foundations for a great educational experience.

Discover our limitless possibilities on the road for educational organizations, ensuring students are involved in a new immersive learning experience which connects students and teachers through our terminals. Excellent communication is fundamental towards a functional education environment.

Solutions for education:

The terminals and services provided by X-Systems are solutions for your educational organization.

The terminals and services provided by X-Systems are solutions for your educational organization. Ultra-fast, reliable and encrypted mobile connectivity, enabling students and teachers for a efficient and positive educational experience in the classroom at a fraction of the cost. Students and teachers are provided with additional services which allows printing thesis from any location and any time as an example.

Providing ultra-fast, reliable and encrypted mobile connectivity.


X-Systems Special Developments

Secure Mobile & IoT Security Developments
Educational Security & Privacy Solutions
As technologies evolve, the transference of data and information are changing rapidly as well. Data are continuously being shared through interconnected IoT devices for convenience and efficiency. Classified or confidential information can risk a major security and privacy risk.

Shield your organization from risks with X-Systems’ cryptographic solutions, customizable and personalized to improve the security, safety and privacy for your mobile and IoT devices within your educational organization.

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