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Governments are in control over various elements of communication. Through our innovative IoT technologies, allowing to transform governments to smart and robust work environments.

Police and military personnel are working with high-end software for mitigating safety risks. This ensures the personnel are performing well and effectively carrying out their duties without fear for detrimental risks. Confidential data need to be secured behind top-notch encryption technogies to preserve data integrity.



Solutions for governments:

X-Systems allows to transform governments to transform into excellent, secure and flexible workplaces, delivering the latest cryptographic security standards to your devices and providing data integrity and security by encrypting your devices and transmission channels. X-Systems can offer your numerous solutions such as the X- Device which provides you with full control the software and hardware levels of your device. X-Communications is an user-friendly communication application, implemented with 256-bit AES encryption, upholding the confidentiality of your products.

X-Systems Special Developments

Secure Mobile & IoT Security Developments
Governmental Security & Privacy Solutions

Interconnected devices which exchange data within the boundaries of the government are required to possess high-end cryptographic encryption measures, X-Systems offers special solutions, ensuring the security, privacy and integrity of your interconnected mobile device.

X-Systems provides are open to inquires for personalized and customized mobile IoT solutions.

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