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Gather all the information, patient identify and view patient images can be very important for the people who have to work with it.

A powerful task that needs to be done properly, the internal communication, when this is completely secure and stable you can easily go to work and that is something that is important in the medical world. When the work can be stabilized, you can proceed much more efficiently.

Professionals working in the healthcare have to work under high pressure in a demanding work environment. They have high quality software and devices needed to operate completely correct (IoT). With X-Systems we help to properly capture data without these errors entails. Furthermore, we also work to improve the real-time communication.

This will ultimately lead to better decision-making and also in cost savings. Our security software is designed specifically for the purpose of reliability, security, mobility and durability. Optionally, the devices can be equipped with a secure VPN, – for data-in-transport protection – and come standard with on-device encryption. delivers whatever the mission, X-Systems.


Healthcare solutions:

We work for flexible workplaces, therefore in care. Our software (IoT) will perfectly fit into your organization and we are perfectly tailored to the health care system. Because everything works super fast, you stand reliably and directly in contact with the person you want to speak or something else that time of need. In healthcare, the trust in things is very important. And that is why we can offer full protection. This in combination with high-quality (IoT) software would work amazing for your organization. Our software can be used in the most critical situations. The software can be used for the identification of the patient, collecting medical background of the patient, tracking of personnel and for the logistics. This is all possible with X-Systems.


X-Systems Special Developments

Secure Mobile & IoT Security Developments
Healthcare Security & Privacy Solutions
Information that was previously stored on computers is increasingly moving over to mobile and IoT devices. These mobile and IoT devices usually contain sensitive up to classified information, and could present a major security and privacy risk.

X-Systems provides special developments to improve Security, Safety and Privacy for new and existing mobile and IoT devices within your Healthcare organization.

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