Mobile IoT Healthcare Security

Secure Healthcare Mobile IoT Security
The gathering of data which includes patient documents can be very important for professionals who are active in the field of healthcare.

The internal communication task is an important vital component of a working operation. A completele secure and stable communication platform, the medical world is immersed in technological advancements which are required to be user-friendly, preventing people from being obstructed by obstacles which may slowdown their work progress, this is particularly important in the healthcare work environment. This in turn stabilizes the work environment which as a result ensures efficiency.

Health care professionals are working in high pressure environments. High quality software and devices are a necessity to operate efficiently (IoT). At X-Systems, we help to properly capture data without these entailed errors. Furthermore, we strive to bring solutions to improve the quality and security of real-time communication between individuals and organizations.

Leading to better decision-making and cost savings. Our security software is designed specifically for the purpose of reliability, security, mobility and durability. Optionally, the devices can be equipped with a secure VPN, – for data-in-transport protection – and is standardly equipped with on-device encryption. Every mission is possible at X-Systems


Our solution for Healthcare:

Flexibility and adaptability are the core product values of our solutions. Our IoT software is adjustable and flexible, allowing you to modify it to meet the requirements of your organization. The speed of newly developed technological advancements is becoming increasingly faster in conjunction with the quickened working processes in the healthcare, requires your organization to stay up to date with the latest security standards and methods.

In healthcare, the trustability and usability in smart devices is of great importance. X-Systems can offer full protection, this in combination with high-quality (IoT) software would work amazing for your organization. Our software can be used in the most critical situations, providing identification and authorization for the identification of the patient, collecting medical background of the patient, tracking personnel and for the purpose of logistics. This is all possible within the boundaries of our solution, developed in-house at X-Systems.


Special Developments

Secure Mobile & IoT Security Developments
Healthcare Security & Privacy Solutions
Information that was previously stored on computers is increasingly moving over to mobile and IoT devices. These mobile and IoT devices usually contain sensitive up to classified information, and could present a major security and privacy risk.

In collaboration with our clients, we allow our clients to bring their own ideas and thoughts into the mix for developing their own customized solutions tailored to meet their requirements while retaining the essence of the Security, Safety and Privacy aspects for mobile and IoT devices within your Healthcare organization.

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