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Interested in transforming your industrial company with SMART components? You have arrived at the right place. X-Systems utilizes refined techniques and flexibility to provide your organization with the most optimal user experience, adapting our software to perfectly meet the requirements of your organization.

In practice it has been proven that sustainable and an encrypted VPN connection will simplify your business. We assure your company with a high safety rating. This allows you to go to work easily as well as very efficient.



Working with electronic devices present a risk to safety, eliciting dangerous industrial work environments, such as a factory.

Phones and tablets are an example. However, in order to synchronous collecting of data, there are necessary electronic devices to interconnect between devices for information exchanges. interconnected machines or devices are an example of this.

IoT enables you as the user to separately enable, disable or to fulfill any other function from an adjacent or remote location. IoT is considered to be a huge innovation in the world of technology which will gradually envelop and transform the ways of the future.

Industrial solutions:

The requirements for the smooth running of goods/transport are therefore used herein.

When you use the services of X-Systems, you will get quicker access to certain files. Also, you can quickly transport your goods through the techniques used for this purpose and developed. The requirements for the smooth running of goods/transport are therefore used herein. Save now a cost-effective way and go on to work productively with X-Systems. Your safety and service are important to us. Now limit your risks direct, for yourself and your employees.


                                                                X-Systems Special Developments

Secure Mobile & IoT Security Developments
Industrial Security & Privacy Solutions

Information that was previously stored on computers is increasingly moving over to mobile and IoT devices. These mobile and IoT devices usually contain sensitive up to classified information, and could present a major security and privacy risk.

X-Systems provides special developments to improve Security, Safety and Privacy for new and existing mobile and IoT devices within your Industrial organization.

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