IoT: Internet of Things

Internet of Things Security
IoT (Internet of Things) interconnects your device with other devices in the vicinity or over the internet. Electronic devices will remain online and be available from any location. This brings a lot of new opportunities to explore, but unfortunately also a lot of exploitable vulnerabilities.

With Internet of Things you will have the future in your own hands. Our technologies will protect your social life. You might think you will be vulnerable but we will protect all your data and encrypt them.

The difference between IoT and mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) is that IoT does not need human interaction.


IoT fully operates independently without the necessity of humans. For example, you can integrate a chip to the things you want. A machine, a hospital bed, a shower, a pen? Nothing is impossible.
You can collect any data you want and use this data for your own information of your organization or company.

The physical and the digital world are increasingly intertwined. A future in which technology and people go hand in hand is also very close. We are not going to sit down and wait till IoT takes over the world in the future, we are going to take over the world with IoT right now.

                                                                IoT Security & Privacy Solutions

Secure Mobile & IoT Security Developments

Information that was previously stored on computers is increasingly moving over to mobile and IoT devices. These mobile and IoT devices usually contain sensitive up to classified information, and could present a major security and privacy risk.

X-Systems provides special developments to improve Security, Safety and Privacy for new and existing mobile and IoT devices within your Fintech, Technical or IoT organization.

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