Secure & Encrypted Smartphone Security & Phone Security

There are thousands of aspects that has to be taken in consideration when writing and guiding a tender for “Mobile” or “IoT” devices. Privacy, security and safety are must-haves.

Not to mention the commercial parties and products that been provided, are these the products that are truly safe, secure or private. Are there no malicious backdoors, or badly developed features that may be detrimental to the device in the future?

Especially in a rapidly evolving environment, technology and cyber crime. The need of future proof and secure mobile and IoT devices has become a mandatory requirement.

X-Systems assists you in mobile and IoT tenders.


Is your organizations, municipalities, government, and defense department in a need of placing a tender regarding mobile and IoT devices in connection with user privacy, data security, or physical safety requirements X-Systems may assist you with writing and the guidance of tenders.

X-Systems has both worldwide qualified and certified security specialists and IoT technology specialists to answer your questions and assist you with your requirements.

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