Most Secure Mail & PGP for Android Devices

Most Secure Mail PGP Android

X-Mail is a 256-AES encrypted, secure PGP email application that allows users to securely send and receive emails on their mobile devices.

The X-Mail secure email application is designed to ensure the safety of the user, and when receiving a corrupted file, it remains safe in the application and does not affect the entire device or network. Where users can communicate extremely safe with each other and where each other messages cannot be intercepted by third parties.

It is becoming increasingly common for organizations target of corporate espionage, ransomware, or other targeted business seizures, and often this happens during email communication, or by downloading e-mail attachments.

Most Secure Android Mail Program

Secure Mail Program for Android

Most Secure Mail Android

X-Mail is an Android PGP secure mail application, with a 256-AES encryption security. Messages can mutually be encrypted using PGP security between sender and receiver.

For example, users who are in the same domain, and- / or use PGP encryption always can e-mail safe with each other using PGP security, and the sender can add new contacts and invite them to use secure PGP mail.

X-Mail is developed to be the most secure mail service for Android devices, as a BYOD secure mail platform for every and any Android smartphone and tablet.

X-Mail is the most secure mail program for Android

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