X-Crypto Smartphones

The X-CryptoPhone 9900 is an end-to-end crypto smartphone, with top-level security.

Securing both your data and communications.

With the X-CryptoPhone 9900 both the smartphone, data and communications are highly encrypted and true 360° secured.

No connections to third-party applications.

X-CryptoPhone 9900 enables you to be truly secure, private and anonymous while using end-to-end encrypted communications.

X-Crypto Smartphone

Based upon the X-Crypto Architecture, - a military grade Android enhanced crypto and private operating system -, where the crypto smartphone is fully encrypted from power on. Together with a dual-sim capability that enables users to switch between sim-cards for traveling and for ultimate anonymity and privacy.

Designed to be the ultimate personal and business smartphones, based upon a military grade encrypted mobile environment, and now available for private users and small businesses.

X-CryptoPhone 9900 enables you to use your smartphone for CONFIDENTIAL-level voice and text communication. It prevents eavesdropping and substantially reduces vulnerability to malicious applications and tampering.

X-CryptoPhone 9900 enhances security, privacy and anonymity at a time where the importance of being able to act swiftly and to communicate without risk of eavesdropping, steganography, phishing, malware or spyware is crucial. Security is our highest priority!

X-CryptoPhone 9900 is stricly encrypted, secured, private and anonymous, without any access to unauthorized applications or configurations.

X-CryptoPhone does not allow any third-party applications, to prevent any unauthorized access to your crypto smartphone for optimum security, privacy and anonymity.

X-Crypto Smartphone 9900

Including X-CryptoPhone 9900:

All-inclusive end-to-end encryption and security in one X-CryptoPhone:

X-CryptoPhone 9900 comes with a secure and encrypted Operating System without any commercial backdoors, malicious backdoors, Android software features. It gives the user optimum security and ultimate protection regarding its important personal and business information.

X-CryptoPhone 9900 comes with the distinctive and unparalleled X-DEVICE included within the software. With X-DEVICE a user can truly enable and disable components on their smartphone. Gain more privacy, get off the grid, make secret conversations. Users can decide which component will be disabled or enabled.

Components which can be disabled / enabled by user: * Cellular Microphone. * Data Microphone. * GPS Satelite. * Bluetooth & NFC. * Wireless Connections. And many more.

X-CryptoPhone 9900 comes with the secure and encrypted, - in Switzerland hosted -, Instant Messaging program; The X-Communication voice & text messaging program where the user can communicate with other X-Communication users, and of course also with other OTR-encrypted applications.
X-CryptoPhone 9900 comes with a secure Mail program named X-Mail which can be connected to a PGP-Key generator from where secure and PGP encrypted mails can be send and received with any person and business in the world.
X-CryptoPhone 9900 comes with a secure and encrypted partnered Voice over IP application that gives the user the possibility to communicate securely with other Signal VoIP and Text encrypted communications.
X-CryptoPhone 9900 comes with an ultra-secure and AES-encrypted mobile data storage program named X-STORAGE. By a secure login user has access to encrypted files and folders within the program, which can be encrypted and password protected shared with other users.
X-CryptoPhone 9900 comes with a Firewall Protection that controls non-secure applications and incoming data. User also has the option to allow permissions to (non-secure) applications upon request.
X-CryptoPhone 9900 comes with a partnered and anonymous union layered VPN connection which makes it possible to switch between destinations quickly and easily. Always and everywhere providing encrypted communication and data connections.
X-CryptoPhone 9900 comes with a partnered and privacy featured APP Locker that makes it possible to set a Lock-Password before being able to access an application for more privacy and security of any type of application.
Upon request, you can select your preferred MDM (device management system) which you may use within your organization / business to be able to accept authorized applications and configurations only by you or your organization.

Crypto Smartphone now available for private users: