Encrypted Phones & Phone Calls

Some time ago, just abnormal state government specialists (Military, CIA, NSA, and so on.) had “encrypted” phones. The main such telephones utilized simple scramblers to transpose the signals. The Secure Telephone Unit (STU) models that were made for the NSA, starting in the late 1980s, were based on restrictive advancements that digitized and encoded voice interchanges between two STU handsets.

Everybody comprehends what “encrypted” means, yet most PC and mobile phone clients don’t know how to encode their own particular information. Encryption sounds unattainable – it’s something that programmers manage in Hollywood films.


Encrypted Phone Calls made EASY

Encryption isn’t as troublesome as you may think. The uplifting news is that a considerable measure of keen, well informed security enthusiasts have officially done the majority of the legwork for you; they’ve made some awesome applications to help you begin ensuring your information. For now, we’re concentrating on making encrypted phone calls, which ought to keep spies out of your discussions.

Note that encryption should be end-to-end to be absolutely compelling. End-to-end implies that both callers in the discussion should utilize the encryption programming. Consider it along these lines: you can’t play tennis with just a single racquet. Essentially, you can’t be thoroughly secure if just a single individual has an encryption application running.

X-SYSTEMS made encrypted phone calls and encrypted phones easier than every before!


Encrypted Phone Calls, 2017

Today, protection is an issue for nearly everybody, so organizations and people may require an approach to guarantee that essential or touchy calls can’t be caught. On account of Voice over IP (VoIP) innovations and the information arranges that so huge numbers of us have with our cell phones, it’s currently considerably simpler and less expensive to achieve.

There are various end-to-end voice encryption arrangements out there, which work with Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian as well as Windows telephones.

At last, if somebody’s super plan on tuning in on your phone calls, you’ve most likely got some greater fish to broil. If the government or some spy organization needs your information, they will most likely get it (bad, we know). All things considered, what we’re attempting to do is help you adopt a dynamic strategy to securing your information. You wouldn’t leave your credit card information out for prying eyes, and you shouldn’t give others a chance to snoop on your advanced or remote data.


Encrypted Phone Calls by X-Systems

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