Encrypted Text Messaging by X-Communications

Encrypted Text Messaging X-Communications

By scrambling or encrypting your messages, you can ensure just you and the planned beneficiary can read any messages you send. All the more particularly, end-to-end encryption utilizes complex numerical calculations to scramble your information so just your planned beneficiary can unscramble your message.

Man in the Middle attackers can’t get to them, and the designers (X-Communications) of the application you’re utilizing can’t see them. This averts would-be programmers or government reconnaissance devices from gathering your correspondences. In this way, in view of that, here are the best versatile applications for sending scrambled messages.

Encrypted Text Messaging by X-Communications

The strength of X-Systems is the flexibility customizations and special developments can be done. Providing high security and privacy in combination with usability and flexibility.
X-Communications of X-Systems are the most flexible and productive in combination with mobile security. The combination of X-Systems OS Operating System and X-Systems’s Text Messaging of x-Communications – which can be selected as separate modules – are the foundation for your mobile professionals at your organization.

Devices with Encrypted Text Messaging by X-Communications

• Encrypted Military Smartphones (MOTS)
• X-Secure Smartphones
• X-Crypto Smartphones
• Secure Tablets

X-Systems presents your X-Communications Smartphone: X-Secure Smartphone