Encrypted Voice Communications

Encrypted Voice X-Communications

X-Communications is introducing the ability to make encrypted voice communications. It offers end-to-end encryption, meaning it is super secure.

The X-Communications interface is both familiar and easy to use. However, X-Communications voice communication capabilities offer two major innovations over most of the competition: end-to-end encryption and granular control.

X-Communications puts you, the user, in charge of who can and cannot call you. This precision control means you can turn voice calls on for everybody, just your contacts, or nobody. You can also restrict certain individuals from calling you on a one-on-one basis. It also offers crystal-clear call quality. It works on wi-fi as well as on cellular connections.

Encrypted Voice by X-Communications

X-Communications is rolling out encrypted voice communications on X-Secure and X-Crypto phones.

X-Systems designs, develops and manufacturers mil-grade highly secure and encrypted mobile devices developed for enterprise professionals, board of directors, decision-makers and officials in governments, defense authorities and critical functions of society, county councils, police, customs, coast guard, emergency users and VIP individual users.

Devices with Encrypted Voice X-Communications

• X-Secure Smartphones
• X-Crypto Smartphones
• Secure Tablets

X-Systems presents your X-Communications Smartphone: X-Secure Smartphone