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PRE-LAUNCH Mobile- and IoT Security

Mobile and IoT security is becoming more important than ever before for any organization, whether it’s a SME, LEC, NGO, Municipality or Government.

Mobile devices, Internet or Things, data security, data protection, secure communications, the growing importance of cyber security for mobile and IoT is worldwide becoming more important than ever before.

Especially for the organizations that work with restricted, confidential or critical data.

Mobile- and IoT Security Event

X-Systems is attending the GSMA Mobile 360 Cyber Security Event, on 23 and 24 May. For those who aren’t able to visit this event, X-Systems holds a private event, the PRE-LAUNCH of both X-CRYPTO IoT, X-CRYPTO 9900, and X-SECURE 7500.

X-Systems shall present its latest and the world’s most crypto and secure smartphones.
Developed in-house, with multiple layers of hardware- and software security, especially for users as; fin-tech professionals, decision-makers and officials in; governments, defense authorities, law enforcement, and critical functions of society.

This event is including a Crypto IoT presentation, regarding advanced encrypted hardware- and software security possibilities for IoT devices, to achieve the highest-levels of end-to-end IoT protections.

Registration Mobile IoT Security Event
Register yourself for the Mobile and IoT Cyber Security Event, from X-Systems on May 22 at;
The Hague Security Delta in The Hague, The Netherlands.
22 May 2017. Starting at 11:00 till 16:00.
On the “The Hague Security Delta”; Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104 – 2595 AN – The Hague – Netherlands.

Registration is now open!

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Mobile IoT Cyber Security Partners

We would also like to thank the Dutch capital city and municipality of the city The Hague, Foundation The Hague Security Delta and Innovation Quarter for making the event available. We also would like to thank the GSMA for the invitation to the GSMA Mobile 360 Cyber Security Event on 23-24 May in The Hague.