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Secure Voice over Internet Protocol
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Secure calls
Make international- or local encrypted calls any time. Secure VoIP to Secure VoIP calls are always ecryptographically secured. Allow your colleagues to discuss confidential information freely or communicate securely to a client at the other side of the world. With our calling feature, colleagues in your organization can reach out any time and talk as long as they want without worrying of being overheard or blocked.


Call Anywhere
Your organization can make cryptographically secure calls all around the globe with a secure VoIP. No country restriction or blockade can stop your organization from communicating freely and in a private manner.


Group calls
Make cryptographically secure conference calls. Whether your colleagues need to work closely with a team or client, with group calling, including conference calling and group chats, you can host a group video chat or conference call for up to 20 people.


Secure video calls
Your organization can’t put a price on a private face to face meeting. That’s why we offer secure video calling. Make secure video calls with a colleague who also has the secure VoIP sollution. Experience secure and private high definition one to one and group video calling.


Secure emergency password
Set an emergency password that protects all your data. After multiple failed login attempts or the use of a self-destructing password all data, communications, contacts and attachments are removed securely from the device, leaving no trace and safeguarding your vital data.


Department and corporate styling
Make the tactical instant messenger in your organization’s house style. The tactical instant messenger comes standard with a clean minimalistic appearance. On request we’re able to customize the tactical instant messenger to the corporate styling of your organization making it completely in your lay-out and ready for your mission. Contact us to find out more about the possibilities.


Works on every device
The X-Systems secure instant messenger is available for any type of Android device, t. Tablet, smartphone and even wearables.


Request a demonstration
Contact us today to request a free demonstration and learn all about the tactical instant messaging capabilities X-Systems have to offer.