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Tactical Instant Messenger

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Tactical instant messaging
No matter where your organization operates, your colleagues are at your fingertips with the tactical instant messenger of X-Systems. The tactical instant messenger easily allows for secure communication with others within an department or taskforce. Send your complete project schedule instantly to a colleague or a emoticon to show your reaction across the battlefield.


Tactical voice messaging
Whether you’re fully scheduled with infield operations or busy with getting a mission done, the tactical instant messenger offers instant voice messages. Listen to voice messages from your colleagues and return a reply within mission critical seconds.


Tactical group chat
Start a tactical group chat on your mobile with colleagues already in your contact list. Instantly share encrypted messages, documents and images to multiple colleagues via group chat. Armed forces become more efficient with group chat, keeping the internal circle small and productivity high. There are no boundaries or security risks for working onsite or at a mission abroad.


Tactical file sharing
Share files directly with one or multiple contacts. Whether you need to send large files to multiple contacts during a group chat or want to send a small document to someone in an instant message, it’s all up to you. Sharing battle maps, latitudes and longitudes or a cryptographic message was never so easy and convenient.


Tactical emergency password
Set an emergency password that protects all your data. After multiple failed login attempts or with the use of a self-destruct password all data, communications, contacts and attachments are removed securely from the device, leaving no trace and safeguarding your tactical data.


Tactical and corporate styling
Make the tactical instant messenger in your organization’s house style. The tactical instant messenger comes standard with a clean minimalistic appearance. On request we’re able to customize the tactical instant messenger to the corporate styling of your organization making it completely in your theme and ready for your mission. Contact us to find out more about the possibilities.


Works on every device
The X-Systems tactical instant messenger is available for any type of Android device: t. Tablet, smartphone and even wearables.


Request a demonstration
Contact us today to request a free demonstration and learn all about the tactical instant messaging capabilities X-Systems have to offer.