Mil-Grade Rugged Smartphone


Security is not a newcomer when it comes to issues for the mobile world, yet X-Systems takes things to a whole new level with the X-Tel 9000.

Business and secure smartphones are not designed for safety, ultra-tough protection and reliability when required the most. The military crypto cell phones of X-Systems are designed with a focus on security and measured quality to live up to leading performance standards.

This most rugged cell phone with an extremely long lasting 3600 mAh battery, comes additionally with Dual-Sim (4G and 2G dual sim) connection, Accurate GPS association, Powerful WiFi association and 32GB Micro-SD space. This crypto cell phone is intended for extreme and rough outdoor and military utilize where the most extreme security and protection is an unquestionable requirement have.


X-Systems knows that mobile hacking isn’t just done through remote channels and are done by means of man-in-the-middle, spyware-or malware-assaults.

For the customers to whom this encrypted smartphone is created, actual hacking is done on a significantly higher level. Utilizing different knowledge accumulation methods by applying following the whereabouts, acquiring correspondences, side-channel assaults, stenography and much more.

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