Military Grade Cryptography : X-CRYPTO

Secure & Encrypted Smartphone Security & Phone Security

Speaking of scrambled, just about all smartphones have encryption built-in. It is quite a reasonable encryption called AES-128 which means it uses 128 bits for the encryption password.

As always the X-CRYPTO goes even better, it has bumped up the encryption to a military standard AES-256 encryption which is exponentially harder to crack.



The thing is though, AES encryption is a standard so any device or computer can decrypt the AES standard provided they have the password (or phrase) and IV key. This means a malicious entity can surreptitiously make a bit for bit copy of your phones data via hardware means and brute force the password at their leisure while you would be none the wiser.

That is not possible with the X-CRYPTO smartphone as it has extra encryption steps added into the AES encryption ensuring that anything encrypted on the X-CRYPTO smartphone can only be decrypted by the same X-CRYPTO smartphone. Trying to use any other device or computer will only scramble the data, even if the password is known.

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