Secure Brute Force Protection : X-CRYPTO

Secure & Encrypted Smartphone Security & Phone Security

The X-CRYPTO operating system differs from the normal Android operating system in several ways. For a start, the unlock and encryption passwords screen has been increased with several security functions.

This makes it much harder for those who want to brute force the phone. Of course, if you were to try and brute force the phone you would be out of luck.

Brute Force Protection

While the normal Android operating system allows you to continue brute-forcing the phone (although with an increasing delay) the X-CRYPTO operating system both reduces the number of password retries (so never forget your password).

Once that number of password retries is exceeded the phone is wiped. By wiped I don’t just mean a factory reset, that would be too easy and the data can still be recovered. I mean totally and completely wiped so it is unusable.

The data, the operating system, everything is scrambled and deleted. The phone will not even boot up afterwards. Which is why we say never forget your password! This means that your data is secured against falling into the wrong hands, or any hands for that matter so make sure you have a backup.

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