Secure End-to-End Communication : X-CRYPTO

Secure & Encrypted Smartphone Security & Phone Security

The X-CRYPTO smartphone gives you the ability to truly communicate securely, end-to-end without a server in the middle that might be the weak link. Making use of the Edge Computing principle, the end-to-end communications use Peer to Peer connection protocols.

Allowing a secure end-to-end communication between two or more devices.

Encrypted End-to-End P2P Communication

By controlling the X-DEVICE all cellular connections are turned off. Allowing you to communicate only only OTT (Over The Top) whereby all communications are AES-256 encrypted. Of course, you can use the end-to-end secure P2P (peer to peer) communication app as if it is your cellular device.

Is it possible to call securely via audio and video? Yes, of course! You can have encrypted one-on-one audio-calls and video-calls. Plus you can increase the number of participants in a call and create an encrypted meeting, with up to 8 participants in encrypted audio-meetings and video-meetings.

Interoperable secure communication

Where most end-to-end secure communication solutions are only designed to operate in a closed environment, the team of X-SYSTEMS has developed an interoperable secure communication platform.

Whether you communicate with your colleagues using the X-CRYPTO platform, or have a call with persons around the globe. They can all communicate with each other securely.

When you invite another person, who is not in possession of an X-CRYPTO, you can share a web-link. Each of those persons can join the call via a web browser or app on any operating system.

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