Introduction Secure Smartphone : X-CRYPTO

Secure & Encrypted Smartphone Security & Phone Security

Our smartphone is perhaps one of the most important pieces of electronic equipment we own today. Our smartphones are rarely out of arms-reach so losing sight of our phone can tend to trigger panic until it’s found. Often we ask a significant other to phone us to locate it.


The problem with our smartphones is that the operating system, like most computer operating systems, has security breaches in it. This allows people with suspicious intentions to access data on our smartphone remotely.

This is especially problematic for people who have access to sensitive data, whether it be industrial secrets or James Bond. These people are a constant target and always under attack by those who want to get their data.



X-SYSTEMS has developed the X-CRYPTO smartphone for this specific market. The X-CRYPTO smartphone is loaded up with a customised Android operating system which throws those with malicious intentions for a loop. But what makes the X-CRYPTO smartphone so special?

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