by X-Systems

X-Systems has developed a new version of the X-Enterprise 9900, and named it X-Secure 9900 with the promise to combine a luxurious design with high performance components, advanced security and support for mobile technologies.

The X-Secure Smartphone is designed for those who require sophisticated security and privacy.

The X-Secure 9900 smartphone is protected against; man-in-the-middle-, spyware-, malware- attacks together with more intelligent attacks such as tracking the whereabouts, obtaining communications, side-channel attacks, stenography and so on.

SECURE-OS Security & Privacy

The X-Secure 9900 smartphone is powered by the X-Systems “SECURE-OS” architecture, which is designed especially for this secure smartphone. The security comes in various layers such as an 256-bit AES encryption operating system, second 256-bit AES secure partition and several protecting mobile programs to provide more security and privacy to its users.

X-Secure 9900 for Enterprise- & Personal use

The X-Secure 9900 smartphone is available for personal- and enterprise use.
For enterprises; X-Systems cooperates with several mobile device management partners, and supports features like full disk encryption, remote lock/wipe and so on.
For persons; X-Secure 9900 is available as an out-of-the-box to use secure smartphone.
Both of the versions come with high security and privacy settings.

X-Secure Highly Secure Communications

The X-Secure 9900 smartphone comes with X-Communications a highly secure OTR-Communication program. X-Communication is a secure zero-knowledge end-to-end communication platform for secure Text messaging, VoIP-talks and Data-transfers, with zero-storage servers in Switzerland.
X-Communications works with symmetric key encryption, private device keys and secure and private communication servers as security measures. Easy-to-use messaging client where all messages are encrypted, private, safe and 100% secure.
X-Communication is an application which is developed for ultimate privacy, with several security features integrated to protect your privacy at all times.
• Secure Password-Protected Application Login
• 256-bit AES messaging encryption
• Secure symmetric-key to encrypt messages
• Secure symmetric-key to decrypt messages
• Private zero-knowledge Switzerland located server

X-Secure Communications Smartphones

Ultimate Security To Protect Your Privacy

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